Trap – Neuter – Release

What is T-N-R?

T-N-R stands for Trap – Neuter – Release. It is a humane and effective way to manage cat and dog colonies and SAFA have started to use this method to try to handle the stray cat and dog populations in Sharm.

This is a method that has been proven all over the world to be the most efficient, humane and least expensive method in controlling populations of stray animals.  Eventually, the number of street animals will reduce and the animals will have more space and food, and less risk of disease. The neutered animals generally have a healthier life and have less instinct to fight.

The process involves trapping, sterilising, vaccinating and returning street cats and dogs.  Animals that have been taken from dangerous situations enter our adoption programme rather than being returned to the street.

SAFA volunteers are involved in identifying animals for the programme and ongoing care of the colonies, including monitoring and keeping an eye on the health of the animals after being released and providing food where necessary.

Until now, SAFA have been raising money and spending donations on T-N-R, but would love to do more as this needs to be an ongoing project.  A mass T-N-R effort would be of great benefit to many areas in Sharm, and with more donations, we hope to be able to do more of this in the near future.  Please help us by donating anything you can through our webpage or directly to volunteers of SAFA through their facebook group.

You can find out information about our TNR project in December 2014 in the November newsletter.

Trapping, transporting and ongoing monitoring is done voluntarily by SAFA members.  If you would like to sponsor a TNR of one of Sharm’s street animals, please contact us through this web page or on facebook (Sharm Action For Animals). Every little counts….


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