Taking animals to Europe (and UK)

Here is a summary of taking a pet to the UK:

Cost of taking an animal to Europe

FOR THOSE WISHING TO TAKE THEIR PETS BACK TO UK: First the dog/cat would need to have the virus vaccination microchip and rabies vaccination. They must be microchipped first then vaccinated.

One month after the rabies shot the dog/cat will have a blood test which would be sent directly to a European laboratory for testing and subject to the blood test results being satisfactory, the dog/cat must wait three calendar months from the date when the blood test was taken before it can depart to UK. During this period, all paperwork ie, passports, health certificates and the papers from the ministry of health in Cairo must be compiled. Initially virus, and Rabies vaccine 250 LE if done together. If done seperately, virus is 140 le and rabies 130 LE Microchip 380 LE One calendar month later, Vet fee for taking blood 200 le and lab fees for testing blood sample 55€ Subject to an all clear result of the blood test the animal is ready to travel three calendar months from the date the blood was taken. Ten days before the pet travels, copies of first page and pages with proof of vaccinations, blood test results and a copy of the passport of the person traveling with the animal plus their telephone number and place they are staying in Sharm must be submitted to the ministry of health in Cairo. This takes just two or three days before the health certificate arrives back in sharm, however, once issued, the paper is only valid for ten days. The cost of acquiring this paper including courier fees is 500 LE Between five days and 24 hours before the pet flys each dog must be given a Tape worm tablet. This is also documented by the vet on the health certificate. The tape worming does not apply to cats. Before flying, it is recommended that all paperwork is photocopied twice as it has been known that a copy will be required at the airport. Sharm El Sheikh airport is renown for its incompetence and it has been noted that on occasion their copier is out of order and this has delayed check in to quite a stressful level! Last but not least. As soon as you have collected all your documents together, read carefully and check the dates, microchip numbers etc., are all correct. It’s too late to find a mistake once you are in transit and it could cost you a lot of money and inconvenience if there is a slight mistake. If the dog/cat goes from Sharm/Cairo/Heathrow, this way is far more expensive. There are very strict stipulations on crate sizes and the crate must be equipped with feeding and water bowls. Also, it is not allowed to give the animal any form of calming medication. There is no flight direct from Sharm to UK that is equipped to carry live stock and this is why you have to go through Cairo. Going this way there are only two flights per day from Sharm to Cairo with oxygenated holds and that is one at 6 am and one at midnight. The dog/cat has to be in Cairo airport for eight hours before the flight to UK so if on the midnight flight, the dog/cat is more or less in the cage until it gets to UK the following day. Once in the UK the dog/cat must stay in the kennel area for three hours before it can be collected. The upside of this is that we can send the dog/cat unaccompanied as they travel as cargo. You just need to be at Heathrow to collect it. Cost includes a crate larger than one would normally use for the size of the animal. Flight fares from Sharm to Cairo and from Cairo to Heathrow and a fee on arrival at Heathrow of £300 for one animal and a further £50 for each animal thereafter. However, there is a much cheaper way to transport the dog/cat. There is a flight direct from Sharm to Brussels and regardless of weight or size the cost is 50€ per dog/cat in the front oxygenated hold. In the case of cats, and dogs under 8 kilos, they can travel in a soft pet carrier in the cabin with a passenger for just 15€.

This way you would need someone with a car to collect you from Brussels airport and transport you to UK. It is a two hour all motorway drive to Calais where you drive on to LE TUNNEL train in the car and drive off in Folkstone and complete your journey home. The cost of Le Tunnel varies according to time of day, season etc but as a guide line….. Bringing the car from Folkstone to Calais was £30 and Calais to Folkstone was £23 regardless of how many human passengers. each dog costs £23 and the cat Costs £12. You can change your booking to add another animal at any time, however, there would likely be an admin charge.


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