Poisoning of animals in Sharm

Even though the Governor supports us against the poisoning of street animals, private entities are still poisoning my friends on the street.  It’s not just stray animals that are dying, but people’s pets too.  Don’t let this happen to your pets, or the street animals that you care for.  Be prepared by having the following medicines available in case they show any symptoms, such as muscle spasms, disorientation and weakness.

Firstly, force them to drink as much salt water as possible to vomit.
In the case of rat poison, inject an ampoule of dycinone into the back leg. This is available from pharmacies and only about 6.5LE for 3 ampoules. Make sure you get syringes too.

In the case of coumarin based rat poison. This is based upon the symptoms of stupor followed by blood coming from the eyes. Konakion 10mg x 5 amps 35LE and 30 tablets Cona-adione (Vitamin K) 10mg 18.00LE.

In the case of organophosphate poisoning from weedkillers etc, inject atropine into the back leg. This is a bit harder to get hold of, but if you search around the pharmacies, you can find it.

In the case of strychnine poisoning, there is very little that can be done. Diazapam can be given to stop convulsions, but it is very difficult to get hold of and is not guaranteed to work. Diazapam is a sedative and muscle relaxant, so if you can’t get it, any other injectable alternative that is a strong sedative/muscle relaxant can help.

If in doubt, inject with all three. In any case, get the animal checked at the vet as soon as possible.

In summary, try to keep at home dicynone, atropine, diazapam (or alternative), konakion and Cona-adione (vitamin K) with syringes.

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