July TNR Project

In April 2014, Sharm Action For Animals decided to start raising money for a TNR Project.

The recent City Council strategy to ‘eliminate stray dogs’ by poisoning and/or shooting continues to cause great concern and  unhappiness,  as any animal eating this poison dies a painful and cruel death.

SAFA over the last year has received complaints from both residents and tourists about this inhumane method  of  dealing with the stray dog problem. The members of SAFA are residents and understand fully the problems  which  large numbers of stray dogs can cause.

Last year SAFA approached the Governor of Sharm of Sharm about this inhumane strategy and pleaded with him to cease that strategy and support SAFA’s strategy to Trap Neuter and Return (TNR )

SAFA readily acknowledge the growing number of stray dogs and the problems they can cause in many areas of  Sharm  El Sheikh and would seek to work with the Governor and City Council to create a long term solution.

Whilst we understand the officials have a civic duty to deal with many diverse challenges we would argue their  current traditional poisoning approach to this problem is not only cruel, but inhumane unpopular  and  bad for  tourism.

SAFA members have worked tirelessly fundraising and when funds are available utilising them to Trap Neuter  and Return (TNR ) a number of dogs to their original location. These dogs assist to keep out other stray  dogs from  those locations, and over time their numbers will naturally dwindle.

For the last two months, fundraising has been a priority, and Sharm Action For Animals has raised enough money to use these funds to Trap, Neuter  and Return (TNR ) a number of dogs and cats to their original location.  The plan is as follows:

01/07/14 Gain access to building in Royset where animals will stay. Volunteers will work on the building to make it ready (cleaning, some minor building work)
06/07/14 – 03/08/14 Start catching and neutering dogs.18 dogs and 13 cats have already been identified for the programme. (31 total)Dr Albert will operate 2 or 3 days each week (depending on his availability) for four weeks.  He can operate of 4 animals per day.

Between 32 and 48 animals will be neutered over this period.

The animal’s ear will be clipped after neutering to be able to identify which have been operated on.

Animals will stay in the building in Royset after operating for an average period of 3 days.


Sharm Action For Animals has raised money to fund the operations, medications, food and building for recovery.  This first phase of the project will deal with street animals that are already quite tame that are known to our group as we do not have access to a dog catcher.  The more feral animals will be dealt with in a second phase.

In July, 27 animals were neutered.  Since then, we have continued neutering animals as funds allow.  We need more donations to be able to continue this good work.

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