Government and SAFA TNR Project

Following a meeting with Ad. Mahmoud El Fouly, the General Manager for the Sharm City Council, a plan has been made to work together with local animal welfare organisation, Sharm Action For Animals (SAFA) to deal with the issues of stray dog populations.  Rather than kill the animals by poisoning or shooting, Sharm City Council have made the decision to deal with the overpopulation of dogs in a more humane way.  With Sharm Action For Animals, they will conduct a large scale and long term Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project.  By neutering the animals and returning them to their original locations, the population will not be allowed to increase, but the environmental balance will not be upset.

The project will start on 11th January 2016 with Dr Aly Nached of SAFA as lead veterinary surgeon and with the support of local animal loving volunteers.

We will post updates about the project as we make progress

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