If you are looking for a cat or dog to adopt or foster, please contact us to come and visit them at our Rescue Centre.  You can find out about all the animals that are waiting to come home with you below.  You can make a huge difference to one of these animal’s lives.


The Looney Tunes Kittens

These adorable little fluff balls are almost ready to leave mum and find themselves part of your family.  Born in the rescue center, they are all starting to develop their own personalities.


Bonnie by name and Bonnie by nature.  When this girl came to us, she had half her jaw missing!  Now she has recovered very well and is ready to find a home.  She likes other animals and will be a loving addition to any family.


Meet Spice!! Spice has a lot of energy and loves to walk, run and play!  She loves everyone and is looking for a new home.


This is beautiful Bella.  Small, quiet and already housetrained!  She used to have a home of her own, but was abandoned.  Her owner kept promising to come for her, but never turned up.  So, now she is looking for a new home.


Sweep was found tiny, alone and scared by the side of the road.  He joined the Christmas puppies and loves to play with them.  Although he is the smallest puppy in the group – he can still hold his own against the bigger pups!!


 Lovely little Sooty is a shy little man.  He’s looking for a safe, comfortable home with someone who will make him feel loved so that he can really come out of his shell.  

Christmas Puppies

  These adorable puppies were part of a litter of 7 born on Christmas Eve. Their mum was so weak that they came to us so we could help her take care of them.  There are four little bundles of fur and joy left, looking for a home.  

Fred and Ginger

Two amazing brothers, were brought to us by someone on holiday who wanted to have them sent to her abroad, but then forgotten about.  Their other brother has found a home, now Fred and Ginger would also like a place of their own.  They are full of energy, playful and … Read More


Meet Rita! Rita was found on the street – abandoned by her previous owner in her hour of need.  She was just recovering from a surgery on her leg.  Instead of having a safe comfortable place to recover, she was instead thrown onto the street to fend for herself.  Now … Read More


Would you like to offer calm, loving, trusting Sparkie a forever home? Found after a trauma, she has lost the sight in her right eye, but that doesn’t stop her being a happy, friendly pet. Read More